The Helpful Fox Senko-san – Review

Kuroto Nakano is a salaryman who is exhausted and unfilled with life. An aura of dark clouds follows him. When he gets back home from work, he opens the door to find a fox girl cooking dinner. This seems suspicious and too good to be true. Frightened, he decides to call the cops but doesn’t.

This strange loli fox girl happens to be named Senko. She’s an 800 years old demigod, so don’t let her looks trick you. Her mission is to help Nakano find happiness and get rid of the dark clouds. It would be awesome if anyone who was stressed out got to have their own fox girl to pamper them. She has a huge fluffy gold-colored tail. Wouldn’t you want to touch the FLUFFY tail? FLOOF FLOOF.

Every day, Senko cooks dinner for Nakano and pampers him. She even let him touch her tail though she was hesitant at first. You can see that Nakano is getting a little bit of happiness. There’s someone there to fill his void and make his worries go away from work. He’s constantly staying late and working overtime. Why would he be fulfilled with a life that had no fun and didn’t appreciate him?

One day, Nakano’s next-door neighbor Koenji gets suspicious of all the racket happening next door. She knocks on his door to confront Nakano. Koenji finds out all the noise is because of Senko. The loli fox explains that she’s Nakano’s “mother wife,” and Koenji thinks nothing of it. Koenji is too oblivious but seems okay with it. She’s a manga artist and a college student.

The days get better, and the stress seems to be lightening from Nakano’s darkness. Senko cleaning his ears, giving him a haircut, massaging his back, and of course, the dinners.

Shiro is another fox girl who is friends with Senko. She visits her because she misses her cooking and wants to check up on her process. Shiro happens to be good at video games and wins Nakano several times because she can read his mind. As she said, he’s his own enemy because he was only thinking about what he didn’t want to happen. After a mishap, Shiro ends up in Koenji rooms, and they happen to become friends. They play games together and hang out often. I wouldn’t mind seeing them together.


Nakano happens to have too much paid time off, and his boss forces him to take time off. His mother calls him and tells him his dad is in the hospital. He broke a bone because he danced wildly at his school reunion. He goes back to the countryside to visit his family. Nakano leaves his cellphone to Senko to use, so that he can call her. While he’s gone on vacation, Senko leaves.

No answer from Senko, Nakano gets worried about her. He leaves his trip early because of work. When Nakano gets back, he notices Senko isn’t there. He begins searching for her. He doesn’t know where to look and why she left.

Senko leaves to the other realm to feed Shiro and ask Yozora something regarding Nakano. Yozora says she can’t go back because Nakano still has a barrier of darkness surrounding him. All Senko wants to do is go home to Nakano and pamper him.

In the show, Nakano has flashbacks of him as a child. In the flashbacks, Senko can be seen, and she helped him. Senko also had a flashback, and he was in it. She called him master and wanted to serve him, but couldn’t. Both of them have this connection, but what is it??

Senko runs back to and finds Nakano to fulfill her dream of pampering and to take care of him. They find each other at the cherry blossoms. Senko explains, and they have a picnic in the park at night. Of course, Shiro and Koenji are there too. Nakano’s wish of seeing the cherry blossoms comes true.

What a nice way to end the show! There’s nothing more important than a fox girl’s love. One day Nakano won’t have any dark clouds. When that day comes, what will happen with Senko? It would suck to see the two apart. But for now, they can have more fun and create adventures to remember.

Spot the new character shown in the credits.


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