Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Review – Ep 1

The third set of girls are here and ready to steal our hearts!

I’ve been a fan of Love live! Sunshine!! But I was never a fan of the original Love live! though. After watching the first episode of Love Live! Nijigasaki, I believe that the franchise keeps getting better and better.

Two cute girls are seen exploring town and shopping. Their names happen to be Yu Takasaki and Ayumu Uehara. While shopping around, Yu points out a beautiful pink frilly dress in the window. She tells Ayumu that she should get it because she loves things like that. Ayumi declines and says she is over it, and the look is childish. However, she was admiring the dress.

The girls leave the shop and go for some buns. While, eating their food they hear a noise coming from the other side of the park. A famous school idol named Setsuna Yuki happens to be performing. Setsuna seems a bit sad before she started performing. But when she was performing she was a show stopper. You could see she loved performing in front of the small but dedicated crowd. Yu and Ayumu follow the noise and watch the display.

Yu was hypnotized by Setsuna. She could feel and see the fire and passion in Setsuna’s eyes. I feel as if this is the best Love Live! song in the whole franchise. It was such a different style shown from the previous series. Just like Yu, I was intrigued and wanted the performance to go on longer.

After the performance, both girls are curious who this school idol was. They see a poster that reads “Nijigasaki School Idol Club’ and Setsuna is apart of it. It happens to be that both girls go to the same school as her.

Later on, we see Yu inspired and wanting to join the school idol club with Ayumi. They try to find the school idol club, but their school is so big. There are apparently over a hundred clubs. Finally, they are able to find this “hidden” club. Right when they hit the jackpot, the school president takes off the club’s nameplate and informs them the school idol club has disbanded. The school president says Setsuna won’t be coming there anymore.

The school’s president is named Nana Nakagawa. She looks exactly like Setsuna. I’m pretty sure that it is Setsuna, but her real name is Nana. She is using a stage name not to mix her presidency and idol life. I could be wrong, but something is telling me I’m right. It’s obvious how this will play out. All the school presidents in Love Live! have been school idols and wanted to get rid of the club. Yu and Ayumu are disappointed that they aren’t able to see Setsuna.

Scenes are being shown of the girls who were apart of the now-disbanded school idol club. They all seem gloom that they aren’t apart of it anymore. Why wouldn’t they be? A lot of effort and time had to be put into joining that club.

It’s now dark out, and Yu and Ayumu are walking back home. Ayumu confessed she wanted to see Setsuna also. All of the school idol videos she watched inspired her to want to join the club. That pink frilly dress she saw in the window, she wanted to wear. She runs up the steps and stops. Ayumu sings her heart out. Visuals of her wearing the pink dress and a cute pink scenery fill the background.

Ayumu finishes singing and goes back to the bottom of the steps. She tells Yu that she lacks confidence and courage. I believe she is courageous enough since she sang her heart out in front of Yu. Ayumu tells Yu if she will see this dream though with her. Of course, Yu will. She’ll see by Ayumu’s side no matter what. At first, it seemed as if Yu was the one who wanted to see this school idol dream through, but the one who was passion for it was Ayumu.

The school president better watch out because these girls are going to create something extraordinary!

If you like Love Live! then you’ll love this new one.

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