Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Review – Ep 5

Emma is the star of the week.

Emma is an international exchange student from Switzerland. She left her family and came to Japan to become a school idol. Ever since she was little, she watched school idol videos. Karin has helped her and became her first friend. The two are like two opposite peas in a pod.

The club has decided to make PV’s of the rest of the girls. Emma’s goal is to make others feel warm and fuzzy inside. She has a gentle and easygoing personality. She wants to be able to put that aura into her video. Karin knows some of the girls in the costume design club. They let Emma try on all different kinds of costumes to make the PV more ‘Emma’ like. I believe the long maid dress suited her best.

In the dorms, Karin is filling out a modeling form questionnaire for her job. There are questions such as “What’s the most important thing to do as a model?” and “What are you interested in?” She looks at the pile of school idol magazines in front of her. Then she gets inspired to answer. Emma knocks and interrupts Karin’s thoughts. Emma’s motherly instincts kick in, and she started picking up the mess in Karin’s room. She asks her if she wants to see the pictures of her from today. Karin looks disinterested in hearing about idol things.

Emma points out the school idol magazine and tells Karin to become a school idol. Karin doesn’t want to become one. But in actuality, she does; why else would she have those kinds of magazines? Her excuse is modeling and not having time to be a school idol. Karin says she won’t go to the school idol club and help out anymore since Emma is getting the wrong idea.

While filming her PV, Emma doesn’t seem so enthusiastic. It’s like she’s in a daze about what happened last night. All she wants is Karin to be happy. Yu and Ayumu see the school idol magazine in Emma’s gym bag. Yu opens the magazine, and a paper falls out. Emma reads the paper, which was the model questionnaire Karin was answering. What Karin is interested in is school idols. She wants to have fun with her friends.

Emma runs off and goes to the dorms. She drags Karin out of her room and declares they’ll hang out today. A montage of them doing all sorts of fun things shows. Both girls are having a great time. This is what Karin deserves at the moment.

Emma decides to give Karin her questionnaire form back. Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Karin? She feels like she failed at making everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Her friend didn’t feel comfortable enough to say to her what she wanted. How can she make others feel good?

Karin didn’t tell her because she didn’t think she would suit the school idol image. As a model, she is shown as cool and mature. Karin liked that everyone in the school idol club had one goal. Her biggest insecurity was not being the kind of idol others would want. People like different things. Not all school idols will be like Emma. We need variety not carbon copies of the same person.

Emma encourages her to be anything she wants as long as it makes her smile. That’s what matters in the end. You don’t need to give up on your interests because they don’t “suit” the kind of person you are. Others’ opinions shouldn’t matter if you’re doing what you loved. Only you can make yourself happy with the choices you make.

Emma’s song was inspiring, and hopefully, her family back home loves it. She was able to make Karin feel her warmth. If you listen to your heart, then your dreams shall come true. She can do anything at this point. We have unlocked level 9. Karin will now become a school idol. If you thought of it, then you already became it.

Become what and who you want to be.

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