Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Review – Ep 4

Ai-chan was inspired to join the school idol club by Setsuna’s school top performance. Rina also joins the club with Ai, and both are excited. Rina has difficulty expressing emotion, but that doesn’t stop her from deciding to join the school idol club.

The club activities begin, and everyone has different things they’d like to work on. The first time the club was formed, a routine dictated it. Things are going to be different now. Ai-chan isn’t sure what she wants to do. All she knows is that she wants to have fun. Rina tags along with her while they explore the different activities in the club.

I am hoping Karin will join the school idol club soon. She’s helping them, but only for Emma’s sake. Does she believe she wouldn’t fit the school idol image? There is always a mature idol needed.

We find out that Ai is a jack of all trades. She helps out the sports clubs when needed. Ai and Rina go into Kasumi’s session. Kasumi asks, “Now tell me, what do school idols need?” Ai was stuck on what the answer could be. It looks like her response was correct. She stunned her because there was no wrong answer. The question never had a real right answer to begin with.

While practicing singing in the AV room, we learn that Setsuna is a fan of anime. Her parents are strict and forbid her to watch it. Being the little rebel she is, she sneakily watches it. I love geek Setsuna. Setsuna has to appear as a smart and hardworking girl. In reality, she wants to perform and do the things she enjoys.

After everyone finishes their activities, Setsuna decides she needs to speak to Kasumi about something important. The rest of the girls head outside and talk. Setsuna tells Kasumi about moving towards the steps to becoming solo idols. It seems that’s the best way for everyone to go. Each of them are so different. They need to be able to shine and show off each of their unique qualities.

Some of the girls are worried about being solo and not working as a group. Without a group, there isn’t anyone to help you out on stage. They don’t think they’d be able to entertain others on their own. This leaves Ai feeling the same way and a little lost. Ai realizes in sports; everyone works as a team to help each other. All of this new to her, and she wants one right answer.

Ai is early for the morning jog and runs into Emma. They talk about what’s going on. Emma is glad Ai has joined the school idol club. Ai has this positive and friendly energy that makes everyone in the club smile. She finally realizes that when others have fun, and so does she is the best feeling. There doesn’t need to be a right answer to be a school idol. You do it because you like it.

There are many possibilities and outcomes of being a school idol. I should have known they’d go solo since the performances have just been solo so far.

Ai ends off with a cheerful performance. She’s like the club’s cheerleader, supporting everyone along the way. The audience seemed to love her performance. I know I did too. For me, the order of best so far is Setsuna, Ayumu, Ai, and Kasumi. They each brought something different. Let’s see next week who will shine!

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