Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Review – Ep 3

We start from last week when the true identity of Setsuna has been revealed. From the sound of things, it looks like Setsuna will never come back. At home, Nana is looking at Setsuna’s performance outfit. She looks at her outfit in regret because of the kind of person she turned into while becoming a school idol.

Yu is caught playing the piano in the music room by Nana. Yu was playing and humming ‘Chase’ by Setsuna Yuki. The way she was rambling on about Setsuna with hearts in her eyes was adorable. Yuki trails on and mentions Setsuna’s final performance and how much it moved her. Yu was able to be passionate about something because she saw someone else show passion.

Nana doesn’t see a problem with a new school idol club forming as long as there are five club members. Yu sometimes thinks if that wasn’t Setsuna’s final performance, but first it would be the best. Nana disagrees and thinks it was best for things to end there. The club would have gone more downhill if Setsuna didn’t disband. Setsuna was too focused on going to Love Live, and others didn’t have the same motivation as her. Yes, Setsuna was selfish, but she had a goal.

Yu looks stunned when she hears everything that happened. “Do you feel disenchanted?”

After the encounter with Yu, Nana goes back to the student council office. She’s looking at her last performance as Setsuna online. She’s reading comments on how good she was and how it’s too bad that she quit knowing when she had a lot in store for her. Setsuna wanted to keep doing what she loved but didn’t want to keep getting in the way of her friend’s goals. Setsuna doesn’t need to disappear to help out the new school idol club. They need someone like her to give them that hard but loving motivation.

The former school idol club members and Karin inform Kasumi of Setsuna’s real identity. Kasumi sounded more shocked that she wasn’t invited than at the news. But she didn’t look at her messages, so that’s her fault for not coming. The school idol club has gained its former club members back. They want Setsuna to go back but don’t know if that’s what Setsuna wants to do.

Yu wants to speak to Nana and persuade her to come back. They call her through the school intercoms to go to the roof. At the roof, Yu bows to Nana and apologizes for asking why she quit being a school idol yesterday. Nana decides she’s going to leave, but Yu says she wasn’t disenchanted with what was said. She wants Setsuna to return to being a school idol. The performance she saw made her fall in love with school idols.

Going back to the idol club means holding everybody back. But Setsuna doesn’t need to push on the concept of Love Live. There’s more to being a school idol than getting to Love Live. Aquors didn’t win Love Live, but they had chemistry and performance.

Yu is selfish, and so is Setsuna. Yu wants to get to hear more songs from Setsuna. I don’t think she’s purposely selfish, but instead, she’s a fan who wants her idol to keep going. Setsuna knows that’s what she wants to, but is afraid. Yu is straightforward and says she loves Setsuna. Tell me why I am starting to ship them?

Yu’s confession makes Setsuna think about becoming a school idol again. Rays of light begin to peak through the cloudy sky. This is signaling a new beginning for Setsuna and the group. She takes off her glasses and pigtails and starts performing as Setsuna. Do not deny that she’s the best singer in the Love Live! franchise. If Muse and Aquors can make it, then so can Setsuna and the school idol club. They need to find a way for everybody’s goals to coexist.

At the end of Setsuna’s performance, Yu hugs and lands on Setsuna. SHIP SHIP SHIP! Setsuna is back, ladies and gentlemen! Her performance caused a stir, so she declares they all head out before the principal finds them.

Nana was the obedient school president. It’s time for Setsuna to take over her now.

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