Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Review – Ep 2

In this week’s episode, we’re focusing on Kasumi. She’s similar to Nico because of her love of school idols and being cute. She ends up getting caught in the student council office. Kasumi was trying to steal the school idol club’s nameplate. She doesn’t want to believe that the club has really disbanded.

Kasumi is determined to become the president of the club and revive it. Like a miracle, Ayumu and Yu are approached by Kasumi to join the school idol club. Kasumi tries to win them over with her cuteness and homemade bread. Ayumu decides she will join the club, and Yu will become her manager. This is the kind of supporting friend we love, Yu.

The club activities start immediately, and they try to find a place to practice. Finally, after searching, they find a quiet and isolated space in the park. Kasumi says they’re going to film introduction videos to attract more members and fans. I love her determination to fight for what she wants. It reminds me of when Honoka from the first installment was determined to get her friends to join the club. Though I never liked Honoka, I have to giver her props for what she did.

Like a pro, Kasumi aces her introduction video. On the other hand, Ayumu is too nervous for the intro video. She keeps messing up and gets frazzled. I know you can do it, Ayumu! I think they’re pushing the “bun bun” imagine on Ayumu too much. Let it come naturally to her. Ayumu will have to redo her video and have it up by the weekend with Kasumi’s.

The story of why the school idol club disbanded has been revealed! Setsuna was putting too much pressure and work on the girls in the club. Instead of being encouraging, she said they wouldn’t be able to fully express their love to their fans with a performance like that. If a leader can’t motivate the group, then what’s the point of a group? After that, the club went on a hiatus. Hiatuses never mean anything good, and later on is when the disbandment happened. Ayumu bursts out why being cute is so hard.

While in great distress, Yu magically appears next to Kasumi. Kasumi cries when she hears Ayumu is still practicing on her video intro. In the mirror, Ayumu is practicing a cutesy act for her intro. She doesn’t seem into it but keeps trying. Karin walks by, and Ayumu gets embarrassed by getting caught practicing. Karin questions if those words are coming from the heart and tells her to do her best. Those words change Ayumu’s thoughts on how to do her introduction video.

Kasumi feels disappointed in herself for forcing Ayumu to put on the same cute act like her. She’s projecting what Setsuna did to the club on Ayumu. Yu tells her that it’s inevitable that the group has different goals. Not all of the girls are going to be a school idol for the same reason as Kasumi. Ayumu runs up to the girls and tells them she’s ready to do the video. With confidence, she aces her intro. She was herself, and that’s all that matters. The fans will like her for being who she is. I’m sure Kasumi is cute enough for the fans to have their intake of cuteness.

Kasumi declares she’s the cutest of them all. With that, she starts singing and dancing. Her performance was cute. There is literally no other words to describe it. She got what she wanted. I admit she’s pretty cute. You win Kasumi!!! The girls hug Kasumi at the end of the performance.

After the ending song, Karin and a few of the girls from the club are in the student council office. Karin confronts the president Nana regarding Setsuna. There’s no record of Setsuna in the school directory. She’s been caught! “Would you mind explaining that, Setsuna Yuki?”

Things have gotten intense! What will the school president Nana do now? Her second identity is out and why has she been hiding it?

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