Kanon Feels Like a Dream, the Right One

Harem of tragedy

When winter hits, I like to watch Kanon. It’s been a ritual of mine since 2016. I want to experience the winter feels that Kanon offers the watcher. Each time I rewatch, I seem to feel more and more. The characters become a part of me, and I get to see through their experiences. The most important character is Yuichi, a male high school student who seems to impact each girls’ life he comes across.

After seven years, Yuichi comes back to town and moves in with his cousin Nayuki and her mother, Akiko. He’s been to this snowy town before. He visited when he was a child. It seems like he had lost his memories of this town and the events that occurred when he was a child visiting there. Many exciting and tragic things did happen. Why can’t he remember it? Something is blocking his thoughts.

Back to what I want to say, Kanon feels like a dream. I like how KEY works has a “interpret our material however you want” feel. Sometimes things don’t make sense until the end of their shows.

Each girl he encounters has something that is eating her up and bringing her down. All these issues are solved with the help of one guy. Can you guess who it is? Yes, it’s Yuichi. I wonder why he holds so much power to their lives? A lonely fox turned human and took the name of Yuichi’s first love. A girl who cured her sick mother with tears and a touch, but made up monsters for her friend to stay. A frail girl who wanted to die because her sickness will never let her be a normal high school girl. Lastly, Ayu, the most important girl, fell off a tall tree and landed in the hospital. She never awoke until she met Yuichi again. This guy changes life. The negative situations turned into brighter ones with hope.

Do you believe in miracles? We are naturally skeptical about things like that. I think miracles do happen. In this show, a lot of miracles happened. It feels like just one person can change everything. He believed and pushed to better their situations. If believing is good enough, wouldn’t you strive for a miracle as well?

KEY’s works always have a happy ending no matter what has struck the characters. They mix supernatural and relationships. How Yuichi was able to see Ayu though she was in the hospital is an example. He had lots of fun remembering with her. He didn’t remember that she got seriously injured and almost died. He believed his delusions and chose to interpret that until the truth was discovered.

Let’s say you rewrote the ending of Kanon; how would you write it? Would you keep it the same, or would you change it? I would change the ending, but I’m not saying mine is better, not at all. Before Yuichi moves to the snowy city, he would have a dream the night before. The dreams of the friends he shared there. He exaggerates his impact on those girls. He’s a regular guy, after all, not a miracle worker. He will encounter them when he moves to the town, but it wouldn’t be anything special. In the end, he would find out about his friend Ayu. That day she fell from the tree; she did die. He has to live with that for the rest of his life. That dream he had the night before would help him cope. He couldn’t save her, so he saves others.

This town makes you forget your memories.

New life is growing

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