Interviews with Monster Girls – Review

Interviews with Monster Girls is about a biology teacher named Tetsuo Takahashi who’s interested in demi-humans. Demi-humans are part human and part monster, demis for short. He’s never interacted with them before, but low and behold! There are four demis at the school, three are students, and one is a teacher. He wants to learn more about them, so he tries to get closer to them and conduct interviews.

At the start of the new term, Takahashi’s dreams come true. He finally gets to meet a demi. The demi is a succubus named Sakie Satou, who happens to be a math teacher. She is always seen wearing a tracksuit because she doesn’t want any students or men to lust over her. She tries her hardest to distance herself that she takes the last train home and even moved out into the boonies. Sakie is a shy, but kind woman who thinks of others and doesn’t use being a succubus as an excuse to lure men in.

One after the other, he meets all the demis. Hikari is an energetic and loud vampire. She is very playful and is the first demi student to meet Takahashi. She asks him for help, after Yuki; a snow women demi develops a heatstroke in gym class. He also sees Machi a dullahan in the hallway. Hikari is like the leader of the group. You could say she’s the most confident because she has never felt she was a burden because she’s a demi. Gathering her fellow demis and having fun. She is the first to be “interviewed” by Takahashi. Every time Takahashi sensei talks about sucking blood, she blushes because it’s romantic to her like a kiss.

Machi is an adorable and very patient dullahan. She seems to have a little crush on Takahashi sensei. In the beginning, Machi felt like her classmates were distancing themselves from her. She wants to be able to joke with them and for them to be comfortable around her. It was cute when she asked Takahashi to hug her head. She just wants to be coddled. Machi is really smart and ranked 5th in her midterms. She’s always trying to find ways to make life easier with trial and error. Because of that, she has always been safe and never dropped her head.

Yuki is a snow woman who likes gag comics. Sakie and her share the same interests. At first, she is seen appearing to have a “cold” personality by her classmates. She rejects a boy from her class, and these two girls start gossiping about her. They say things like she’s an ice princess and stuck-up. Yuki is far from that. She’s just a shy girl who doesn’t want to hurt anyone based on all the snow women folklore. Hikari sees Yuki crying and confronts them. When she cries, her tears come out as small balls of ice. After that, Yuki starts warming up and isn’t afraid to hang out. In the first 5 openings, Yuki is seen with a sad face, but by the 6th opening she is smiling.

Takahashi is like a mentor to the demis, even though he’s a human. He offers them support, and in return, he gets to learn more and more each time about demis. Later on, he tries to back off because the principal says he’s coddling them too much. It would be difficult for them to deal with a problem themselves if they only lean on Takahashi. The demis are their own person. They can solve their problems because they are unique individuals.

The best episode was the last one. It’s just the girls enjoying a day in the sun at the school pool. It is hard for Hikari and Yuki to be in the heat and direct sunlight. They still get to play in the pool and have a blast. Takahashi helped set it up.

Bonus: Takahashi looks really hot shirtless. I just wanna suck on his muscles…

There is an OVA, which is the typical summer festival episode. Towards the end, there is a new demi. The students think they hear a ghost. The ghost turns out to be an invisible demi. Takahashi meets her, and she blushes and runs away because she was naked. Apparently, a lot of invisible people walk around naked. I hope there will be a second season for this anime. I like how casual it is, but the characters and their interesting traits make it so good.

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