Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 2

Rika has awoken, and she appears to be in a world where glass shards are floating in the air. A new ally has appeared. Just as clueless as Rika, Hanyuu cannot answer her on whether she has died or been killed. Rika then asks Hanyuu where a piece of shard leads to. It leads to June 1983. Rika has to go back and redo June 1983 again, though she has been going back for a hundred years. This time she remembers more information regarding her death and Hinamizawa. Will this be the final go?

Keiichi finishes reading the article regarding the Hinamizawa dam murder. Something in him knew there was somebody behind him. He turns around, and Rena is there with her arms raised, holding a hatchet. She gets frightened, falls back, and drops the hatchet. Rena apologizes for scaring Keiichi, and they agree to come back tomorrow for the Kenta-kun statue.

It’s now P.E time, and all the students are ready to play. Mion and the gang are going to be playing zombie tag. Determined to win, Keiichi spreads lies Satoko and Mion needing to meet at the school gate. It looks like that didn’t work because the information was relayed to them. Suddenly, all of Keiichi’s classmates are spreading the same lies about meeting at the school gate.

Keiichi’s mom is in the hospital!

The police are looking for Keiichi!

Keiichi’s house is on fire!

Rena is in a rut and running from the zombies. Rika reassures her that she is safe from them. Slowly, but steadily Rika is walking up to Rena, ready to tag her. A miracle happens and their interaction is interrupted. Keiichi is on top of the school shed. Mion and Satoko are there too and end up tagging Keiichi. The loser of the game ends up being Keiichi. He couldn’t tag Rena because he felt guilty when she laid those puppy eyes on him. “Keiichi, you’d never do anything cruel to me, right?” Who wouldn’t be a sucker for that? His punishment ends up being tickled all over.

Rena and Keiichi are back at the dam construction site. Today is the day they’re finally going to get out the Kenta-kun statue. Keiichi uses the hatchet Rena brought and starts hacking at the plank of wood that’s blocking the statue. While hitting the plank, Keiichi has a flashback. In the flashback, he’s hitting a baseball bat at Rena, and blood is splattered everywhere. We are going back to the beginning of the first episode. It’s like the sensation of swinging and hitting the wood was a familiar feeling. Why does this trigger his memory? Is this what his future will lead to? His flashback spooked him for a second.

They’re able to retrieve the Kenta-kun statue out of the pile of junk. Rena is super happy to add another item to her collection of cute things. He mentions that Rena needs to be careful with the statue or one of the limbs will fall off. Another flashback happens, but this time it’s about what Tomitake said. “No one was able to find the right arm.”

It’s time for the annual Watanagashi Festival. It’s a festival where gratitude is shown to old futons by throwing them down the river. Before the festival, the gang runs into Tomitake. He is taking pictures of birds. When he leaves, Keiichi questions them on if Tomitake is really there to only “take pictures of birds.” Mion states he’s not only here in Hinamizawa for photography, but for a girl.

The night of the festival hits, and everyone is ready to have fun. Rika appears in a shrine maiden outfit. Everyone can’t stop thinking about how cute she is. They challenge each other to food competitions and hit up as many stalls as they can. Tomitake runs into them and takes pictures of them having fun. It’s now time for Rika to go on stage and perform the ritual. Before she leaves, she pats Tomitake’s head. It looks like she was comforting him. She knows something is going to happen and wants him to be safe.

Mion and Satoko part ways with Rena and Keiichi. Rena get’s lost in the sea of people, but lucky she is found.

Rika’s performance begins. It starts off slow, but progresses as the drum gets louder. Her movements were graceful and she was concentrated on having the perfect performance. The whole village is watching in awe.

A blonde woman appears and happens to be calling Tomitake by his first name. She looks isolated from the festival grounds.

Though the festival is almost to an end, the night appears to be just starting for some.

Who was Tomitake meeting and why was he missing the performance?

Great tragedy will come for disrespecting the village. Tomitake you better watch out!

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