Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 1

Guess who’s back in time for spooky month? Higurashi!

I was so excited when I found out that Higurashi was having a reboot. I could finally see the show in HD. But when I was watching the episode, it felt a bit strange. The characters looked a little wonky. I might be seeing differently, but the movements of the characters were also wonky. Anyways, the first episode of the reboot was pretty good.

The show starts off with Keiichi; he is seen repeatedly beating Rena’s dead body with a bat. She is lying lifelessly in a pile of her own blood. Mion’s body is also seen dead. Keiichi keeps breathing heavily and hitting Rena. He then scratches his neck that leaves a small cut. We all know what that means!!!

The opening sequence is now finished, and we are back at Keiichi’s house. This time its morning, and he’s getting ready to go to school. Rena waits for him outside, and things are looking good. Keiichi is teasing Rena a little bit with his words. Like the cutie she is, she gets flustered. Hey Keiichi trust me! She will be waiting for you…

They arrive at school, and it looks like Satoko has set up another trap for him. Tired of being the fool, Keiichi doesn’t fall for her chalkboard eraser prank. He finds tacks on the door handle and pulls them. Aha, that’s not all! She has set up a rope trap, and he falls to the floor.


Satoko is fun when she is pranking others, but other than that, she is annoying. She does nothing but cries to Rena and acts like a brat. Nothing has changed; she is the same old girl in the first show. Rika has changed a bit. She comes off as way too cute and innocent. I know Rika’s attitude before the second installment, but I felt they dumbed her down. She is already likable. There is no need to push that image any further. SO kyute! I looks like Rena fell for Rika’s cuteness.

Did I forget to mention I love Mion? Such a cool gal.

Mion wants to give Keiichi a tour of Hinamizawa since he is still new to the village. Rena is late because she was making lunch for Keiichi. They tour the Furude shrine. When they set up their little picnic, it turns out to not to be so little. Rena has made a whole feast of lunch for everyone. Satoko and Rena see them and join the picnic.

After that, Rena and Keiichi are walking to the dam construction site. Rena loves to go there because it’s filled with “treasure” and not trash. Rena goes deeper into the dam site to treasure hunt. A weird man with a camera named Tomitake interrupts Keiichi’s peace. Jokingly, Keiichi says that Rena is checking on a dismembered body. With a serious voice, Tomitake mentions an “incident” regarding the dismembered body. One of the arms is still missing. Keiichi sweats up a bit because he doesn’t know if Tomitake was being serious.

Rena interrupts the strange tension in the air. Tomitake decides it’s time to leave. Rena mentions she found a Kenta-kun statue, which is a parody of Colonel Sanders. The Kenta-kun statue is stuck at the bottom of a pile. Since it’s getting dark, Keiichi says he would help Rena get the statue out tomorrow. The flashback of what Tomitake said to him replays.

Keiichi asked Rena if an incident happened in Hinamizawa regarding the dam construction site. Coldly, Rena says she doesn’t know. She only transferred here a year ago. Switching tones, she goes back to cheerful Rena.

At school, Mion holds a scavenger hunt for the crew. Satoko ends up winning, and Rika offers her a present. When Satoko opens the box, she is hit by a glove, and the letters KO are written on her head. The player has been PLAYED.

Strangely, Rena doesn’t feel good and leaves to go to the nurse’s office. Mion and Keiichi walk home together. Keiichi uses this as an opportunity to ask Mion about the damn construction incident. Mion explains that the people of Hinamizawa protested against the building of a dam. If the dam was made, the whole village would be in water. By protesting and speaking to politicians, the people of Hinamizawa got there wish. Too good to be true, he asks if there was any sort of violence or murder that occurred. In the same sharp tone as Rena, Mion says of course not. I’m sure Keiichi is getting suspicious of why his friends are keeping this a secret.

He sees Rena at the dam site and joins her. They try to pull the Kenta statue out of the pile of junk. It looks like this will take some more time. Struggling to get the statue out, Keiichi says it would be easier if he had an axe to get it out. Rena tells him she will get some tea at her house for them since it’s close by. Nighttime hits, and Rena still isn’t back. Keiichi sees a stack of papers mentioning the dam construction site murder.

Behind Keiichi is Rena with a hatchet and behind Rena is Rika looking down on the cliff. She is seen with glowing red eyes, different from her usual purple ones. Things aren’t looking good for Hinamizawa. Something is going to happen.

The best part was when they played the opening song from the first installment. I could feel my goosebumps rising. I am prepared for what next week’s episode has in stall for us.


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