Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 7

Before I start the review, I know I have been slacking way too much. I haven’t put up reviews, and the ones I did were past the time I’d like to have had them up. I feel no motivation for anything. I enjoy these shows, but my willpower to even type it out has gotten difficult for some reason. I hope to gain the motivation back. I was thinking of deleting the website, but I know I have a few readers. I cannot let those readers down. At last, here we go!

Takano, Shion, and Keiichi are exploring the storehouse. Takano seems to be the only one who isn’t scared of the consequences that are to come. Keiichi turns on the light to the storehouse, and we see Oyashiro’s statue. Takano tells the tale of Onigafuchi. Onigafuchi used to be the name of Hinamizawa. Demons came from the swamp and caused hell to the villagers. Their God Oyashiro-sama offered the demons to coexist with the villagers by letting them take on a human form. The demons accepted, but they still had a hankering for human flesh. The demon blood would mix with human blood.

Since both bloods mixed, the Onigafuchi villagers became cannibals. They’d go to other villages and began practicing “demoning away.” They’d kidnap, kill, and devour the people. Oyashiro-sama was all aware of this happening. The killings wouldn’t be random. Oyashiro-sama decided who would be sacrificed for fate.

The old Watanagashi festival used human innards to drift into the river. Keiichi was shocked to hear because he knew wata meant cotton, but it can also mean innards. The traditions of the old Watanagashi are too violent for modern times. So instead, Hinamizawa drifts cotton through the river to wash away the sins. Are there any sins you’ve committed that you’d like to wash away?

Shion knocks into the statue, and Oyashiro-sama’s head falls off. It looks like it was already broken before since the head easily split. Maybe Oyashiro-sama’s spirit came loose. Tomitake comes into the storehouse to inform them every one is heading out to the river. Takano teases Tomitake that she is surprised he didn’t make a run for it. Keiichi and Shion depart from team double trouble. Both of their names start with T, after all.

Shion and Keiichi make a promise not to tell anyone about what happened tonight. The curse may fall upon them for what happened. There’s only a matter of time before they face the consequences of their actions. Shion leaves before her sister can find out. Keiichi meets up with the group. They were wondering where he was all night. He lies and says he did see Rika’s performance. He fucks up and says the performance was good and there wasn’t a mistake made. Rika gets sad because she did make one, but Keiichi didn’t know since he wasn’t there. The group tries to encourage here that the mistake wasn’t a big deal.

Mion grabs Keiichi’s hand and leads him down the steps. She asks if he has seen Shion at the festival. Keiichi starts sweating like a whore in church. He declines that he has seen Shion. Though, he said he could have mistaken her for Mion since they are twins. Mion then asks if he has seen Tomitake and Takano, and he says he hasn’t. You are making this harder than it has to be, Keiichi. Do what’s right and tell your friends. In the previous chapter, you were worried about your friends being secretive. Now you’re the fuckup in this scenario. Shion is not your friend; she is nothing but trouble as of now.

Ooishi looking like a creepy uncle.

Keiichi is walking back home from the festival, and Ooishi starts questioning him. Did you happen to see Tomitake and Takano tonight? They’ve disappeared after the festival and stole one of the festival committee vans. They felt they were in danger and had to get as far away as possible from Hinamizawa. Doing what he does best, Keiichi lies again. Ooishi knows that he’s lying and that Keiichi did see them tonight. Ooishi saw Shion and Keiichi have a good time at the stone steps. You never know who’s watching from afar.

Later, Shion calls Keiichi to let him know about what happened to Tomitake and Takano. I’m getting tired of hearing both of their names. They got what they deserved. The Sonozaki family holds great power, and that’s how Shion was able to find out about them so quickly. I don’t get how Shion tells Keiichi they are being punished for beheading Oyashiro-sama. Wasn’t Shion the one who dropped the head? Karma is coming.

Keiichi starts yelling and freaking out because they’re the next victims of the curse. He keeps yelling at Shion for her to take responsibility for what she did. What is she going to do to fix this? Shion hangs up on Keiichi and leaves him alone in his paranoia.

The next morning, we find out the mayor has been missing since last night. Everyone is worried about if he was demoned away. Keiichi is glum about what happened, and Rika goes up to him. She bends down and pats his head to reassure him. Keiichi confesses to her what happened last night using kitties instead of humans. Four kitties went into a storehouse. Rika stands up, and her voice changes to that of an adult. Her eyes pierce a devilish look. Does Keiichi take her for some fool? Rika knows everything about last night. Team double trouble is dead, but the bodies haven’t been found.

If only he had watched Rika’s performance instead of fall in the arms of Shion. This episode leads to the climax for the next one. One of my favorite episodes is the nail ripping one. Hopefully, we get to it soon. Who’s ready for the next mind lost?

The games have just begun.

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