Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 6

This week’s episode of Higurashi started as unproductive in the first half. Things slowly started to head south after that.

After the villagers were ganging up and staring intensely at the punks, Ooishi and his team pop up. They’re there because they heard those punks were causing a stir. Shion seems grateful and thanks to them, but she’s seen with an angry look on her face when he leaves. What does she have against him?

Shion and Keiichi sit down at Angel Mort. Shion mentions how close-knit the villagers are with each other and how they’ll protect each other. The villagers fight for their village to protect it from any threats. Shion talks about the dam construction site and what happened at that time. In the first chapter, none of his friends mention it to him at all. Keiichi had to find out on his own terms and question his friends. Now, Shion is openly telling him the truth to the village. Before finishing her story, Shion is called to help out at the cash register.

Later that night, Shion calls Keiichi to come to Angel Mort tomorrow for a new dessert taste test. He is still calling her Mion, though it is Shion he’s speaking with. He really won’t believe it till he sees it. When Keiichi arrives at Angel Mort, Shion whispers to him and asks if he can borrow him regarding something after work.

The desserts looked so delicious on screen. I was going to drool from animated sweets. Shion trips and spills dessert all over some otaku pig. He degrades her and tells her to clean him up, though he purposely tripped her. That was clever that they used the whipped cream as a sexual innuendo. Since she is working, she has to do as he says. This doesn’t seem right. The pig deserves to die for treating her like that. Like the good guy Keiichi is, he tries swoops in and defends Shion. Too bad, Keiichi wasn’t strong enough for that ugly otaku’s punch and sent him flying.

After finishing work, Shion and Keiichi hang out and go to the shops. Shion tries to link arms, but this makes Keiichi nervous. They appear in front of the toy store, and Shion eyes the doll Keiichi received before. He still thinks he’s with Mion and was about to mention that she already has the doll. When they walk in, we finally see the pair of twins interact with each other. Keiichi ends up buying the doll for her. Now the twins have matching dolls for their Keiichi love.

Keiichi is volunteering to help set up the festival ground. Exhausted from helping, Shion brings Keiichi a cup of tea and surprises him. Mion then shows up with two cups of tea for her and Keiichi. We have unlocked a friendly sibling rivalry, or is it not so friendly?

Tomitake and Takano-san appear. Keiichi gets properly introduced to them, though they already know who he is. Ooishi greets everyone, and Shion says she wants the festival to go without incident this year. Mion is mad because Shion told Keiichi about the village’s secret. Tomitake and Takano also run their mouth about the deaths and disappearing’s of the festival day. Mion grabs Keiichi’s hand to take him away from all the news. Shion is disappointed Mion didn’t tell Keiichi about the incident and the curse.

Keiichi stays and leaves Mion alone. He felt left out that he wasn’t in on the village theories. I wouldn’t blame him, but it’s best not to meddle in things you’re an outsider. Keiichi learns that the people of Hinamizawa are possibly involved in the curse. Someone will be killed in the name of Oyashiro-sama, and someone will be sacrificed. It could be that these people aren’t coincidentally dying, but who is the culprit if that’s true. Takano seemed too enthusiastic about wondering who will die and who will disappear at tomorrow’s festival.

It’s the night of the festival, and Keiichi is trying to watch Rika’s performance. He’s unable to see, and Shion taps his shoulder to tell Keiichi to follow her. They get away from the festival grounds and sneak in the bushes. They see Tomitake and Takano trying to sneak into the shrine’s storage house. Takano and Tomitake surprise them and tell them not to let anyone know what they’re doing. They’re really too jolly when they’re doing something wrong. They will be the next victims.

Only the Furude family (Rika’s family) and select others are allowed into the storehouse. In there, it contains old ritual tools that were used back then. Tomitake is able to break the lock on the door. Shion sounds excited to go in and see for herself. Keiichi thinks this isn’t a good idea but feels pressured to go in. Shion uses her “superiority” as an excuse to go in since she is apart of the Sonozaki family. Not only is Shion pressuring him, but so are the adults. They’re all idiots and will be punished in this chapter.

There are things we wouldn’t do by ourselves, but if we have other people with us we will do it. Even if it’s things we aren’t supposed to do. We let others influence us so easily.

We wouldn’t do things by ourselves, but if we have other people with us, we will do it. Even if it’s things, we aren’t supposed to do. We let others influence us so easily.

Curiosity killed the cat. Will curiosity bring the cat back to life in this situation?

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