Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 5

Another repeat of June 1983 has occurred.

Things seem to start off optimistic, as always. Keiichi gets a call from Rena and Mion to join the club activities. Today’s club activity will be a contest at the toy store. Everyone is put into five different groups. So that they can face each other off in the finale if they win.

The girls easily win their games/competitors. Mion and Satoko win by their skills, Rena by motivation by the cards’ cuteness, and Rika by pulling the cute and clueless card. It takes Keiichi a while because he’s playing the game of LIFE. How can he possibly win if it’s all about luck? He seems to be unlucky. But he persuades the boys if he wins, he’ll make Satoko wear a collar and Rika will cat ears. Both boys from his class agree to lose on purpose to fulfill their fantasies. That’s what Mion meant by Keiichi not trying in the beginning. If you don’t have luck, you can find ways to cheat it. Life is all about finding the easiest way, not an honest way.

Before the final battle can begin, Mion tells everyone she has to go to her part-time job. The toy store owner gives everyone in the club a gift for making the store’s sales go up. Mion doesn’t receive one, but she is going to get a tip at work. Rena, Rika, and Satoko all get soft and cute plush animals. Keiichi receives a doll that everyone is fawning over. Mion is sad she didn’t get anything and admires the doll the most. Rika tells Keiichi whoever he gives it to that they will accept it. Keiichi decides to give it to Mion since she seems to want it the most. It doesn’t suit her style, but the way it made her blush was worth it.

In the original, Keiichi gave the doll to Rena. Mion was envious about never receiving the doll, and many bad things happened after that. There’s now a change of events, and things should run smoothly. If Rika didn’t put her input, then Keiichi would have experienced the same result and fate. Yes, run smoothly…

Keiichi’s perverted dad takes him to a diner called Angel Mort. There are waitresses in revealing outfits serving. When Keiichi’s dad leaves to go to the restroom, Keiichi sees Mion as a waitress. Or so he thinks he does. It is actually Shion; Mion’s twin sister. Keiichi teases her till he finds out the truth. He compliments her smile and how she’s the total opposite of Mion. Mion seems to talk a lot about him if Shion was able to figure out who he was.

After school, Keiichi tells Mion he saw her at work. Mion says it wasn’t her. She confirms she has a twin sister. I don’t see why she would hide something so small from her close friends. Keiichi says he’s hungry from not eating lunch. Shion brings Keiichi dinner. Mion made him dinner as thanks for the doll, and Shion was there to relay the message.

The next day, Keiichi gives back Mion the dishes and thanks her. Keiichi told her that her sister had a nice smile. It was like Keiichi was complimenting Mion too. They are identical, after all. Rena insists Keiichi doesn’t judge a book by the cover. Mion may present herself as rough and one of the boys, but she’s much deeper than that as a person. That gets Keiichi thinking about how Rena is different from her looks and persona. If she presents as a bubbly girl, then what is she secretly? Keiichi, you will remember she almost killed you. Not now, but you will.

Keiichi always seems to get himself into trouble. He parks his bike to go into Angel Mort. His arm brushes off against one of the motorcycles. The other two motorcycles topple down. The three punks see this and threaten Keiichi and grab him by the collar. Ugh, typical punks with nothing better to It was an accident!

Shion comes out of nowhere and threatens the punks back. She doesn’t like the way they’re manhandling Keiichi. The punks do not like Shion standing up to them. Shion does not back off and stands her ground. The townspeople join Shion and stand there looking at the punks. All of them give a disgusted look. Get a taste of your own medicine, punks!

Do not mess with small town folks.

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