Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 4


Keiichi wasn’t able to sleep properly due to the site of Rena peeking into his bedroom door. When he wakes up, he finds out that Rena is waiting for him so that they can go to school together. Keiichi informs his mom he doesn’t feel well, so he goes to the clinic.

When he arrives at the clinic, there are lots of men holding boxes. They appear to be driving the same creepy white van. One of the men informs Keiichi the clinic is remodeling. On such short notice, why was the clinic remodeling? It’s such an inconvenience for the villagers.

Keiichi arrives at school and spaces out due to a lack of sleep and paranoia. Mion notices and calls out Keiichi. At lunch, Rika confronts Keiichi about his strange behavior. He confesses he’s been acting that way because of Rena. Every time he stares at her and how she brushes him off when asking questions. Rika tells Keiichi that he’s making a big deal out of nothing. Instead of assuming it’s Rena causing this, he needs to look at himself. Believing Rika, Keiichi decides that it isn’t Rena and chooses to disregard the feelings. What’s freaky is that Rika used the same tone and response as Rena and Mion did when he asked them about the dam site murder.

At home, it’s dark inside and looks like no one is there. It turns out that Keiichi’s parents are out of town and barely informed him till now. Great folks! On the phone with his mom, she says a guest has prepared dinner for him. When he finds out the guest is Rena, he freaks out a bit.

Keiichi hears a knock on his door and knows it’s Rena. The hallway was dark, and big trouble was waiting on the other side of the door. He decides not to answer it due to his paranoia coming back. Rena keeps knocking and knocking, but Keiichi still hasn’t let up. Rena attempts to open the door, and her deep ocean eyes appear in front of him.

Finally, giving up, Keiichi opens the door. Is Rena bad or good? Keiichi, make up your mind! If he didn’t open the door, it could end up bad, but if he opened the door, it could worsen. Rena is here to cook Keiichi’s dinner. Keiichi wants to help, but Rena suggests he watches TV. While watching TV, Rena pulls out “dinner.” There’s syringes, sanitation gloves, rope, and many more fun things.

Bored of television, Keiichi flips the channels and sees a show regarding a murder. He turns off the TV to see what Rena is cooking up. Don’t worry; she’s cooking up something real good! Rena sees Keiichi and starts lunging a knife at him. Keiichi gets a cut on his cheek. Rena keeps chasing him, and he starts coming at her like a bull seeing red. She hits her head on a coffee table.

It looks like Rena is out for now! No! No! NOOOO!! Rena wouldn’t let a simple concussion stop her. Rena gets up and finally stabs Keiichi in the chest. Rena is repeatedly stabbing Keiichi in the stomach. He’s now laying in a pool of his own blood. The look on Rena’s face while stabbing him was sinister. She was not the cute girl we all pictured. She was a cold hard psycho.

Keiichi is able to reach for the alarm clock and hits her in the head with it. Nonstop, Rena is stabbing him, and Keiichi is repeatedly hitting her in the head with the alarm. They don’t seem to give up. It’s like a game of cat and mouse. I’m surprised it lasted that long. Finally, it’s over, and they lay there surrounded in a blood bath. No one wins this battle. There wasn’t meant to be a winner. None of this was meant to happen. I felt Keiichi’s tears. Keeping his mouth shut and avoiding asking questions would have been much easier.

Keiichi wakes up from his coma. No one besides Mion tells him what happened to Rena. She didn’t make it. The next day after that incident, Satoko and Rika were murdered in their home. Did someone kill them, or was it a suicide from the curse? Rena killed because the curse told her so. Oyashiro seems to have power over the weak-minded.

The nurse asks Keiichi if his neck itches. That’s when he thinks back at Rena scratching her neck. He screams out due to realization and scratches it. If the nurse didn’t mention the neck, he wouldn’t have felt the urge to itch. It’s not confirmed that Keiichi died after that. He possibly could have still been alive. We were meant to be friends and not enemies. Oyashiro-sama’s curse seems to think otherwise.

We need to repeat June 1983.

A new chapter has started…

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