Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) – Review: Ep 3

After the festival, Rena teaches Keiichi the ways of cotton drifting. Both of them grab a piece of cotton, and it floats through the river. It’s honoring the guardian deity of Hinamizawa known Oyashiro-sama. The cotton looked so realistic! I kept replaying the scene over and over again. How do they make cotton look so magical? When they finish the cotton drifting, Rena says she’s going to meet up with the girls. Keiichi sees Tomitake and the mysterious woman talking together. Behind a tree, Rena watches Keiichi, and he stays oblivious.

The day after the festival, the teacher informs Keiichi someone is waiting in front of the school for him. Ooishi, a detective wants to speak to Keiichi regarding the two people who went missing on the night of the festival. Tell me why they drew him so young but bad looking. It seems to be that the two people were Tomitake and the blonde he was chatting with are nowhere to be seen. Everyone in the village believes in Oyashiro-sama’s curse. They think the cause of the mysterious murderers is due to the curse. It all started four years ago when the dam construction manager was murdered by six workers. Every year after that, two people have died on the day of the Watanagashi festival.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that people are mysteriously dying on the day of the festival. It’s a small village, so why would the people start dying on the day of the festival? The guardian deity needs people to send praise unless they did something to upset Oyashiro-sama. The year after, the dam construction manager was murdered, a supporter of the dam site, and his wife fell off a cliff and into the water on vacation. Then, the priest of the shrine died from unknown illnesses, and his wife’s body was found in the river. Next, a woman was beaten to death, and the culprit was a drug addict who ended up killing himself.

Ooishi wants Keiichi to help him with the case. He doesn’t believe in the curse and knows Keiichi doesn’t either. Keiichi tells him he seen Tomitake and the woman talking together. Her vehicle and his bike were left on the festival grounds. Where could the bodies be, or are they both alive? Keiichi gets out of the car and goes back to class.

He tells everyone he was in the teacher’s office. Keiichi hears Mion and Rena talk about the missing people. Mion says they were spirited away. That leaves Keiichi clueless as to what happened. Nobody has a trace of them, so that must be the reason…

A day later, Keiichi stops and asks Rena if the group is hiding anything from him or lying on the walk back home. Rena declares it’s not true, but he still doesn’t believe it. Rena bursts out and tells Keiichi he’s hiding stuff from everyone. She knows he didn’t go to the teacher’s office but spoke with the man in a car. Not only did you hide that Keiichi, but you hid the magazine from her at the dam site.


Keiichi keeps getting questioned about what happened earlier. Rena then goes off on a tangent, talking about how she tried her best. People have to work hard to be happy. Her eyes looked like pools of deep waves. She admits there’s stuff she’s hiding, so he needs to mind his business and keep to himself. If Rena is a real friend, she won’t get mad at Keiichi wanting to know why strange things are happening. She’s getting paranoid about whatever she’d hiding. She needs to eliminate these feelings, but how will she do it?

Later, that night Ooishi calls Keiichi on the telephone with information regarding Rena. Rena used to live in Hinamizawa before she moved after elementary school. She came back to Hinamizawa after she got suspended for breaking the windows at her school. Rena kept talking about Oyashiro-sama and how the spirit was with her. The spirit wanted her to come back. Now she’s back in Hinamizawa with serious issues.

Keiichi’s hears a thud like noise on his bedroom door. I thought it was Rena, but it ended up being his dad with cookies and tea. His dad said Rena was here for him, and Keiichi was dumbfounded because she wasn’t in sight. How didn’t his dad feel a bit suspicious when Rena didn’t happen to be in Keiichi’s room.

Do you believe Rena was listening to the landline and decided to show up at Keiichi’s? The last scene shown was her footsteps going down the stars.

Eliminate the instigator before it’s too late.

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