Adachi and Shimamura: Review – Ep 2

The weird little astronaut is here on earth to find their compatriot. It looks like they didn’t find them because they went to the wrong location. The compatriot was here on a mission, but what’s the mission? Is it to find the secret of love? The astronaut claims to knows the secrets of the world.

Who knew the astronaut could give advice. “It’s important that you realize at first, you can’t seem to get a bite. Things aren’t going as planned. But that basically means that you’ve started something.” Those words got Shimamura thinking about how hard relationships are and how much of a burden people are.

Shimamura tells Adachi about what happened with the astronaut. Adachi is laying her head on her lap, tired because of her part-time job. She’s embarrassed about it, but Shimamura praises her for it. Adachi is blushing while getting her hair touched. She looks like a comfy kitten and seems relaxed, but still can’t seem to stop blushing. She turns like a tomato so easily.

Adachi turns her head to face Shimamura. She confessed laying facing her is better, so she can smell her. Shimamura gets embarrassed. She thinks she’s smelling her because she smells bad. It’s the total opposite. Adachi says she lacks elegance, and Shimamura proposes they start going to class together.

After school, Adachi calls Shimamura pretty, and Shimamura is surprised to hear that from her. Adachi is also surprised nobody has called Shimamura that or her even her boyfriend. Shimamura doesn’t and never had a boyfriend. Adachi can’t believe Shimamura never had a boyfriend. The world must be blind. No girl, you’re just crushing hard.

The girls hang out at the mall and eat donuts together. Adachi is such a romantic and wants to feed Shimamura her donut to her. She can’t stop looking at Shimamura’s lips and thinking about kissing her. When Shimamura offers to feed her donut to her, Adachi can’t help but start turning red again. Come on! You’ve made the first move, and now it’s too much! I believe in you, Adachi!

On the way heading back home, Adachi finally makes a move. She holds onto Shimamura’s hands. The feeling must have been such an achievement. It startled Shimamura and Adachi says she’ll stop if it’s awkward for her. The girls keeping holding hands until that damn astronaut interrupts their hand-holding time.

Adachi decides to leave, and the astronaut says it’s because she didn’t get a donut. No, it was because you took away her special time with Shimamura. Why doesn’t the little guy buzz off and go back home? That night Adachi has a dream where she and Shimamura kiss. But all good things come to an end, and she wakes up before their lips can fully touch. The kissing dream gets to Adachi’s head. The dream wasn’t deep, but you keep over thinking of it. That dream holds the future, and you can make it a reality.

Shimamura and her family go into the restaurant where Adachi is working. Shimamura seems more embarrassed than Adachi because of her mother. Her mother asks if that’s Shimamura’s friend and says she hasn’t had any of her friends come over since she started high school. The next day, Adachi ditches class even though they both said they’ll go together. Finally, a different setting! The girls eat lunch together in the cafeteria.

Shimamura tells Adachi she was thinking about how cute she looked yesterday at her work. Adachi doesn’t seem to be used to compliments because she bounces it back on Shimamura. Shimamura will eat at Adachi’s work again, but alone.

Plain Jane and Big Boobs come just in time to interrupt the lovefest. Adachi felt a nostalgic feeling sitting in the cafeteria but didn’t like it because they were cutting in with her time with Shimamura. Adachi asks Shimamura if she can go to her house. Adachi will feel like they are actual friends if she goes to her house.

Like the little lovesick puppy, Adachi is she can’t stop staring at Shimamura’s body. Nervously, she asks Shimamura is she can lay in between her legs. Adachi finds her request weird, and her bones are starting to ache. Shimamura doesn’t find anything about this weird. Adachi asks Shimamura again if she has a boyfriend.

Adachi wakes up from her nap laying in between Shimamura’s legs. In her dream, she confessed she likes Shimamura. Adachi pictures herself leaning into Shimamura and attempting to make a move. “Are you breathing? Your face is all red.” Adachi didn’t even know how dumb she looked in front of her crush.

I hope she doesn’t take it too hard on herself. Things are going to be awkward at first, but with more confidence, then both of you can become closer. Adachi, you can take your time. It seems like you’re rushing everything because you finally found a friend and somebody you like.

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