Adachi and Shimamura: Review – Ep 1

Chilled hearts will now be warm with this sweet love story.

Two delinquent girls skip class and hang out on the second floor of the gym. They often meet when third period starts. On the second floor, they play table tennis and enjoy each other’s company. Their names are Adachi and Shimamura. Adachi has beautiful short blue hair. Shimamura has long brown hair and bright purple eyes.

Their first encounter was when the coincidentally were ditching class. Shimamura complains about how loud the cicada is. She then squats the poor cicada, and it falls flat on the floor. “How long do you think it will live?” Adachi replies, “however long you want it to live.” Shimamura wants the cicada to live for 15 days.

15 days later they meet again.

Shimamura is hanging out with two of her friends. Plain Jane and Big Boobs are the names I’ll give her friends for now. They’re walking back home, and Plain Jane yells, look. Shimamura’s eyes meet with Adachi. Adachi is sitting on a bench and looks surprised, but happy to see Shimamura. Instead of waving to Adachi or going up to her, she chooses to ignore her. It’s obvious how Adachi is portrayed; that she’s shy and would never make the first move. From her expression, she was sad that Shimamura ignored her. Big Boobs says that she knows Adachi, and it turns out they were classmates last year. The girls ask if Shimamura knows Adachi. Shimamura tells them yes.

The next day, Adachi waits for Shimamura on the same bench. It’s raining, and Adachi gives Shimamura her umbrella. The seed is growing, and the relationship will soon blossom. They decided to walk to Adachi’s house first. Shimamura gets on Adachi’s bike and they have a conversation. Adachi thought Shimamura only ditched class because she didn’t have any friends. Adachi ditches class because she doesn’t have any. Adachi blushes when she admits Shimamura is her only friend. Shimamura blushes too like she is honored to be her only friend.

When they meet up on the second floor, as usual, both girls are interrupted. Plain Jane and Big Boobs finally find out where Shimamura hides to ditch class. I didn’t appreciate how Plain Jane was indirectly talking to Adachi. She could have told Adachi to her face if she was her. Instead she just asked Shimamura if that’s the infamous Adachi. Plain Jane needs to be put in her place. Do not look at Adachi with those ugly beady eyes and leave her out of the conversation. I guess they were nice enough to share their bread with her. Adachi was standing there awkwardly and didn’t feel like she belonged.

The sweetest moment was when Adachi bought Shinamura her favorite bread.

Plain Jane and Shimamura go to the finishing hole. Plain Jane asks what Adachi is like as a person. All Shimamura tells her is Adachi likes mineral water.


The ending credits showed a spicy preview for the nexy episode. My girls <333

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